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Manufacture de Ksar Said (MKS)

MKS, is located at suburbs of Tunis (Ksar Said exactly) and reachable in 10 minutes form International airport of Tunis Carthage, it’s a weaving plant with around 100 looms, with both rapier-dobby and air-jet technology. MKS is a flexible and versatile weaving mill where can be quickly produced small yardages in order to meet customers’ and market needs.
The know-how and the experience of Niggeler & Küpfer Textile group have been moved in this facility in order to produce both traditional weaves and the most developed ones at competitive prices.
The direct synergy with our unit TFM (Teinturerie et Finissage Mediterraneens), also located in Tunis (at 20 minutes distance), allows us to develop also PFD fabrics (Prepared-For-garment-Dyed) and piece-dyed fabrics. The fabrics produced by MKS and finished by TFM give the opportunity to deliver to all garment makers qualified and competitive fabrics with Italian quality, fast deliveries and cheap transport costs. All fabrics produced by MKS and TFM can grant the CERTIFICATE EUROMED.

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