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Over 140 years of entrepreneurial history

marked by fundamental stages: territory expansion, first to Italy and then to foreign countries; then strategic decisions like the high attention to the sources of energy, customers’ satisfaction, partners’ and collaborators‘ respect, the growing range of products, result of the most advanced innovation in textile processes and technology. Along this long trip the leading thread has always been the research of quality.

In 1876 the two Swiss entrepreneurs Gualtiero (Walter) Schmid and Giovanni (Johann) Niggeler left their native country, Switzerland that was losing its competitiveness in cotton production vs. England. Thanks to its colonies England had at its disposition big quantities of cotton at very cheap prices so that it could invade European market with cotton fabrics at very competitive prices. At that time Italy was a country with good labor quality and cheap at the same time and, in the north, with huge quantities of fluvial energy that was vital to give mechanical power to textile machineries, energetically very voracious. For these reasons and for the close location, the two entrepreneurs left Switzerland for Italy and more precisely for Palazzolo sull’Oglio, in province of Brescia, directly on the big river OGLIO.
Giovanni Niggeler
Giovanni Niggeler
Gualtiero Schmidt
Gualtiero Schmidt
Emilio Kuepfer
Emilio Küpfer
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    Palazzolo sull'Oglio (Brescia, northern Italy), 1920. Panoramic view of northern side.
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    Palazzolo sull'Oglio (Brescia, northern Italy),1920. Industrial view of Palazzolo sull’Oglio with Niggeler & Küpfer facility and Lozio button factory.
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    Workers at work at Niggeler & Küpfer facility in 1930.
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    Negli anni Quaranta la filatura del cotone nella fabbrica Niggeler & Küpfer di via XX Settembre
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    Palazzolo sull'Oglio, anni Sessanta. Demolizione stabilimento Niggeler & Küpfer
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    Palazzolo sull'Oglio, anni Sessanta. Demolizione stabilimento Niggeler & Küpfer
L'assetto societario

The two partners that came from Switzerland founded in 1976 Schmid & Niggeler s.a. The company later changed its name to Niggeler & Küpfer S.a. in 1888 when the founder Schmid left for health reasons, allowing his friend Emil Küpfer and his family to join the company. Family Küpfer is still active in the society. During the 80’s the Italian family Archetti joined the company replacing partially Niggeler family and until nowadays they became the major shareholder.

The initial specialisation in the spinning field widens in a few years including the weaving. The development then came through an organic increase of the employment and of new acquisitions that planned, already in 1894, the project of todays headquarter in Capriolo, Brescia, Northern Italy.

Starting from the 60'ies the group widens its activities with the acquisition and the creation of different brands ant with the production of finished products such as Shirts (With DAJANA S.p.A.) and with home linens (With NK Home S.r.l.), now both sold.

NK 1957
Facility of Capriolo (Brescia, Northern Italy) in 1957
NK 1957 2
Facility of Capriolo (Brescia, Northern Italy) today

With the recent globalization era, at the dawn of the new millennium, NK textile Group decided to FOCUS its competences into four macro areas: raw yarns (now closed), raw fabrics, workwear fabrics and finishing on behalf of third parties.

In order to join the very strategic area of finished fabrics for the fashion industry, NK Textile acquires in the early 2010 the societies Algitex S.r.l, Principio Attivo S.p.A. and the brand La Panamà-para la gente que piensa form Pinato Tessuti, later all mergered together into Niggeler & Küpfer Textile S.p.A.
With these brands, NK Textile nowadays produces and sells all around the world selected and fine fabrics for the most popular fashion houses and brands.

The manufacturing is done in the Tunisian factories, where NK Textile owns the company TFM (Teinturerie et Finissage Mediterraneens), that provides weaving, dyeing and finishing services, but it’s also done with important Italian supplying partners.